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Published environment of evidence of the directory of entities – DIRe.

The Directory of entities (DIRe) is an information system that allows legal persons of the private sphere, maintaining a basic information on its structure. Creating a single code unit level, to the different applications of the General secretariat of Digital Administration and those agencies, Public administrations and private services wishing to make use of this information can access the same.
DIRe facilitates law enforcement 39 / 2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations article 14 recognizes the right and obligation to interact electronically with public administrations.

The system puts at the disposal of entities a web portal of access and management of basic information concerning your entity: postal address, contact information, etc. Information from its structure on so many levels as necessary. DIRe provides a unique alphanumeric code to each entity and each unit of the same allowing you to interact with the public administration. In the web portal of consumption any citizen may seek entities registered and obtain all the information contained. The access to the vestibule of management is done through identification with electronic certificate.
In addition to the web portal, it puts at the disposal of entities interfaces to web services for the high, low or edition of data. Access to interfaces will require WS-Security. Equally is available to entities, including the Public sphere, query web services information of entities registered in the system.

Has been posted on the internet the environment of evidence of DIRe, you can access it through the following url: en nueva ventana)

You can find more information on using the portals or integration with the web services in en nueva ventana)