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What is FACe?

FACe is the General Point of Entry of invoices from the General State Administration. It allows the submission of invoices in electronic format to those participating state agencies that are legally required to offer e-invoicing services.

The General State Administration has developed a global system that allows suppliers of goods and services of the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS, regardless of their annual turnover, size or level of computerization, to submit their invoices to the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS (facturae) electronically.

Likewise, any administration, regardless its trading volume, size or level of computerization, can receive electronic invoices. For this reason, the system FACe is accessible to all kinds of organisations, allowing invoice submission and downloading, viewing and updating of invoice status as well as units management through the websites (simple connection): supplier website (Abre en nueva ventana) and  and  management website(Abre en nueva ventana) , and web-serice interfaces (complex connection).

Gráfico plataforma FACe

The system provides to suppliers:

  • A website (Abre en nueva ventana) where they can submit their electronic invoices in format facturae 3.2. 
  • An interface of web services for the automated submission of invoices from the suppliers’ system of finances management economic management.
  • A single and unified invoice format – Facturae.
  • It provides a reference number upon submission of the invoice which allows for subsequent follow-up.
  • Suppliers may request invoice cancellation.
  • Invoices Point of Entry search feature across Administrations.
  • Invoices repository for PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS failing to partially or wholly comply with the legislation.

The system provides Public Administrations with:

  • A cloud-based invoicing platform  (custody of invoices) with  management website(Abre en nueva ventana) where the administration may:
    • Manage the directory of units.
    • Download its invoices, both originals and their printable version.
    • Update the invoices processing status and notify suppliers.
  • In addition, web services interfaces are provided for those administrations dealing with a high volume of invoices, thus allowing the downloading and automatic management of invoices in their internal systems of financial management.