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FACe evolution

One of the keys to the success of the general point of entry FACe is its great flexibility and adaptability to suppliers of goods and services of the various public administration and public administrations.

It provides systems that enable small, medium-sized and large enterprises to submit in a transparent manner as well as systems that allow large, medium-sized and small Public Administration use FACe as their  general point of entry of invoices.

FACe represents a clear example that shows that we can work together and develop technology platforms to bring to public administrations the e-administration, regardless of their investment capacity. Platforms that can,in turn, bring closer the Administration and their users; in this case, their suppliers of goods and services.

FACe objectives for 2016-2017:

  • To increase the number of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS in the system, and the ability to distribute  electronic invoices addressed to any administration.
  • To enhance  the functionality and information available to suppliers of goods and services.
  • To adapt the system so it complies with  the obligations of the 2014 / 55 / EU directive on the electronic invoice in the public sector.
  • To inspire similar models in the B2B private sector.
  • To connect with other State Members through pan-european networks.