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FACe figures

The 25 / 2013 law is strongly focused on effectiveness and efficiency, therefore enabling third party public administrations to make use of the invoices general points of entry. Most specifically, it allows Local Authorities to use the entry points of their Diputaciones (provinces governing bodies), their Autonomous Community or the State. Likewise, the autonomous communities can use the State’s points of entry.

This scheme allows for a better effort efficiency and maximisation; as a result, the General State Administration’s  general point of entry of e-invoices is currently providing its services to:

  • 8,000 administrations signed up.
  • 16 out the 17 Autonomous Communities have signed up.
  • Over 30,000 units are currently receiving invoices.
  • Over 6,000,000  invoices received in 2015.
  • Over €33,000 billion managed in 2015.
  • Over 100,000 suppliers using the system.
  • Tens of thousands of suppliers and thousands of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS using FACe without human intervention, through web services.
  • Over half of the invoices received are by Local Authorities.
  • The final amount of over 90% of the invoices handled is <€5,000.



Gráfico evolución facturas 2015


Facturas presentadas en FACe, distribución por número y por importe