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Electronic Invoice Forum

Given the broad scope of the electronic invoice and in order to join the vision of  both the public administrations and the business sector, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration has created the  electronic Invoice forum, which includes both the public and the private Sector.

This forum is used to identify and discuss the  e-invoicing current situation, the options for improvement and progress in the short, medium and long term for the full integration of an electronic invoice in the public administrations purchasing process.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration coordinates the introduction of an electronic invoice in public administrations, through the directorate of information technology and communications (DTIC) and the General State Administration (IGAE).

From a technical point of view, for the general points of entry of invoices, this coordination is carried through the  DTIC in the framework of sectoral committee on E-government, where  the specific group of electronic invoice has been expanded to accommodate a forum of collaboration that also involves the private Sector.

The IGAE, which also participates in this forum, is responsible for coordinating the accounting records of invoices, and the policy aspects in the field of accounting related to electronic invoicing of the public administrations.

Prior to the publication of 25 / 2013 law, of 27 December, which promotes the electronic invoice and  the accounting record of invoices in the public Sector, it was created in 2013, under the auspices of the aforementioned committee, the working group of Electronic Invoice with the participation of all autonomous communities and the assistance of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP).

As a way of harnessing synergies and needs of the business sector and the public administrations, it was created in 2015 the Electronic Invoice Forum as an extension of the working group of the Sectoral Committee also involving  the FEMP, CCAA (Autonomous Communities) as well as major business associations and companies representative of the various sectors. The forum is coordinated and moderated by the DTIC with the participation of the IGAE.

In these meetings, the public sector is able to  learn first hand about the needs and implications of the different companies. Such meetings are highly valued by the private sector as it enables them to raise issues directly to the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS that affect them.

This forum enables both the public and private sectors to work in the harmonisation of the  technical and functional requirements of the electronic invoice to ensure that the electronic invoice becomes a reality throughout the Public Sector.

The agreements discussed in the meetings of the Electronic Invoice Forum can be consulted in en nueva ventana)