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The website en nueva ventana) it has built taking a number of steps to improve accessibility.

The web pages of this portal comply with the established in the Royal Decree 1494 / 2007, dated 12 November, which approves the regulations on the basic conditions for the access of persons with disabilities to technologies, products and services related to the information society and media.

Specifically this portal meets all the requirements of priority 1 and priority 2 UNE 139803:2012 rule (Abre en nueva ventana) and have been tested with a manual analysis of accessibility and through different tools semi-automáticas. The last review has been in September 2017. 

This involves a number of advantages such as:

  • Facilitate access by users regardless of their physical condition or its environment.
  • Allow access with different user agents.
  • Include well-structured clear content.
  • Improve navigation and user experience.
  • Inter have taken the following steps:
    • Use of CSS for the presentation of the information.
    • Alternative text in images.
    • The links provided details of the function or destination of the hyperlink.
    • Use of the W3C standards.
    • Standards compliance

Keyboard shortcuts

Incorporates a series of keyboard shortcuts to facilitate navigation through the portal: 

Atajos de teclado FACe-Ingl
Keyboard shortcuts  Sections of FACe  FACe pages 
1 Jump to the content  Is located in the core of the page. 
2 Skip to footer  Skip to footer.
3 Menu area  Is located in the top menu, allowing navigation with the direction keys (Arrow keys). 
4 Left menu area  Is located in the left menu of the page if it contains. 
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B Search engine  Is located in the search engine. 

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To activate the keyboard shortcuts in the most used browsers, the key combinations to use are:

  • Firefox (Windows): Atl + Mayúscula + Tecla de atajo
  • Internet Explorer (Windows): Atl + Tecla de atajo
  • Chrome (Windows): Atl + Tecla de atajo